Fake Rolex
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Creative Agency

For the wine & food industry

From designing identity to publishing tools, from defining labels to product packaging, from promotional material to event and event management, we partner our customers in the most diverse types of projects dedicated to the world of Food, Wine and Hospitality.
With an additional advantage: Internal Digital Marketing.
Unlike the traditional Agencies, besides all phases of the creative process, our web team also deals with software and mobile development, without having to resort to external structures, optimizing time and cost, but above all controlling the outcome and its consistency With Brand Guidelines.


Winetrade was founded in 2005 as a challenge.

The challenge was to act as a communication agency specialized in the world of Wine and Food, even when the marketing concept applied exclusively to this sector was just starting.
What initially he appeared as a weak point, the being that is new in the industry and relatively inexperienced, with time became a strength that allowed us to have a creative freedom and a fresh vision and uncommon independent agencies are more structured.

Today, after 10 years of projects and dirt roads, and harvest fairs, races against time and sunsets in Chianti, we work with some of the most important national and international brands of Enology and with their experience, we create, we taste.
Because with them we share a passion for this world and we believe that the knowledge and the constant comparison will allow us over time to create winning strategies and innovative.



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